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Tutoring can make a difference!

Sometimes learning a new subject or understanding a specific topic conceptually can be like climbing a mountain. Tuition is a great way for the students to get their questions answered and improve their grades. Tutors work at your pace and tailor their teaching to meet your learning needs. It need a good tutor to help a student to overcome this problem and excel academically and professionally.

Tutoring at Manish Jain Online Classes

The subjects to be covered at our classes will be purely related to accounts and finance covering Financial accounting, corporate accounting, management accounting covering the Australian universities at Melbourne and Sydney. The tuition classes will be taken online and student will be at his/her home and can have classes without any interception or distraction

Before the First Class

It can be productive to think about what it is you find difficult or confusing about your subject prior to the first lesson so you can discuss this before the start of the classes at the time of finalisation about timings for classes. It will help the tutor to understand about how he can help you.

First / Trial Class:

It is where you will get the first impression of the tutor's personality and can assess the compatibility with tutor. You can discuss the difficulty related to your subject or topic after the class so that future classes can be planned accordingly.

As your Classes Progress:

  • Don't be afraid to ask the doubts creeping in your mind and if needed you can ask the tutor to adjust the pace of lessons, if required.
  • Discuss with the tutor about the changes you needed in the content or structure of the lessons.

As your Classes ends:

Please help other parents and students by leaving testimonial about Manish Jain online classes at the end of your classes.