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Students Testimonial

I studied with Manish Jain sir for only one year but he has left a lasting impression in form of concepts that he taught me in Cost Accounting, Corporate Accounting, and Indirect Taxes. He is a care free person and always maintains his calm. The way he teaches these subjects, they just gets imprinted on the students mind. The methodology he adopts is very simple, straight and understandable to all. I can just advice you people out there aspiring for CA and CS or those facing problems in developing core understanding of these subjects or or those who want to excel in these subjects to try him and I assure you, you will never regret your decision.

Ankit Gupta

A person who cant be described in 990 words ! i mean his teaching methodology is different .... a person with a different perspective with his students ! its been approximately an year with manish sir n i can say that wot he taught me in his lectures is clear in my mind.... his teaching methodology is totally different from other cost teachers! He makes u the topics understand in such a way that they can easily be recollected while memorizing! at the end i would like to say that manish sir

Nitin Passi

I am vaibhav Mehndiratta a MBA graduate from NMIMS Mumbai i had been a student of manish sir right from Bcom 1st year in 2006 batch. The fundamental and conceptual methodology of teaching adopted by sir has actually helped me in grasping the basics and perform well not just in my b.com but my mba exams as well.

Vaibhav Mehndiratta

I didnt able to figure out what to say about mr. Manish Jain cz his simplicity and his qualities cannot be expressed in words. Great human being always encourages his students to do their best. Keep his sharp eyes on the development of the students not only in studies but in the overall performance. I can proudly say that i am a student of Mr Manish. Keep doing the good stuff sir.

Sumanjeet Singh

U all must have seen 3 idiots..biggest blockbuster of Indian Cinema...trust me ..u can meet one Aamir Khan in panchkula teaching commerce students with same attitude....go and join him if u r really serious abt ur future...methodology is plain and simple but the rersults are phenomenal...all the best.


To All Upcoming Fellows I want to thank you in tons for a fantastic coaching imparted to me by Jain Sir. Its been privilege to be a student of such a high class sir. The way he coaches is magnificent. I have seen a huge amount of growth in all aspects of my life. 'I totally recommend coaching with Jain Sir as he is so positive and encouraging and consistent'.He knows exactly where the student is lacking and how to bring him on the top of the ladder.I wish you all the best sir for all the aspects

Piyush Sharma

I owe my academic and professional success to CA Manish Jain. He is a Pro when it comes to making you understand the basics of a subject and then helps you capitalize on that. His classes are interesting and well prepared. He makes learning fun and exciting. Passionate and always there to help. I've been associated with him for 5 years and he is by far the best teacher I've had the honor of studying from.

Mantek singh