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How To Apply

How Does Manish Jain Online classes Work?  

Our self-selection service is simple just follow the five easy steps below:

Step 1: Conduct a quick search to check what subject, course we are able to provide you with the tuition you need via online tutoring.

Step 2: Select whether to study full subject or to study specific topics of the subject.

Step 3: Complete the personal information and the message, submit it.

Step 4: After receiving the request, we will contact with you and decide about the timings to make a plan for the classes. Any correspondence can be done through mail or contact at the given phone numbers. 

Step 5: When a mutual agrrement has been made, you will be asked to pay a modest $50 fee online for full subject tuition and $30 for topic wise tuition. You will get 3 trial classes for full subject and 2 trial classes for topic wise tuition. Once you feel satisfied and comfortable with classes you have to deposit remaining fees at the end of trial classes. if you don't want to continue after trial classes, the initial deposit amount will be refunded after adjusting $5 per trial class.

If you have additional queries, or find any of the supplied information unclear, please contact us using our contact numbers between 10 a.m to 6 p.m and we will guide you through the process.